Saturday, 26 July 2014

Whistle stop tour

We went to the beach on the windiest day ever

See? Windy.

I just loved the Union Jacks on this boat. Hence the photo.

We walked for two hours and couldn't hear a word  anyone said because of the wind. Then we sat in our car while the windows steamed up, and ate fish and chips. What a truly English day out!!
I was so moved by Stephen Sutton's bravery. I did some fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust at work and raised £351. Donated one of my quilts as a prize.
We went to see Nine Inch Nails in Nottingham. Amazing. *Rock Fingers*

Trent Reznor...yum. That boy has MOVES.

I went on a nature walk with Anna. She's so purdy! Of course I'm biased, duh.

Started a quilt...
Actually got as far as basting..

Grew some salad. Totally yum.

Actually bloody finished a quilt!!

 We went to an open farm day and got stalked by a lamb that thinks it is a dog.

The farm gates. *wowzers*

Lund Village square. Except it is a triangle..
Very pretty pub - retirement village perhaps?!
Sat in the cool churchyard for a bit

Until Anna decided it was time to move on.

Bought locally milled bread flour at the open farm day. Amazing stuff, very consistent results.

*GASP* Started another quilt!

Even got as far as quilting it!!

Summer arrived, and brought stunning sunsets.

I love the Yorkshire Wolds.
*Unable to stop taking pictures*
I'm constantly gobsmacked that this is at the end of my road.

If you live in our village, yes, I'm the nutter running with a huge camera to shoot yet another sunset. So get out of the way!!

Seed heads. Stunning, no?

Hot diggety dogs!
To be continued...


  1. Trying to remember everything lol. Windy at the beach , yep know what that's like . Well done on the fund raising and both quilts , both equally gorgeous as is the amazing Trent mmmmm. Sunsets awesome , wish I could see them properly from my house ... dogs .. very cute Anna very purdy indeed . Hope you're having a lovely school holidays :-)

  2. love the whistle stop tour kim....and those quilts, gorgeous and very inspiring.....just about to start my first effort at free motion quilting....any tips?