Friday, 22 August 2014

Just like a chinese curse, apparently.

 Someone once said that there was a Chinese curse that went something like: 'may you live in interesting times.' I loved the idea of it, googled it and found out that it isn't a Chinese curse at all - but it's stuck in my head. Which was why, a few weeks ago when I woke up at 5am with a really sore throat after being fine the day before, and ended up in hospital on a drip by 9am, that the saying popped into my head. And stayed there, for the full week I was in. Ever heard of supraglottitis before? Me neither, but apparently it's serious, and can kill you, and I was EXTREMELY lucky (think six sets of green traffic lights in a row lucky) that my husband took one look at me and took me to A&E, that it was early Friday morning and not Friday night and was seen very quickly, that I saw a really good doctor who didn't just tell me to go see my GP. Don't google it, I did after I was admitted and it scared the bejesus out of me.
Anyway, I didn't have a sewing machine in hospital and there's only so much quilt planning you can do, so I started doodling. This is for my daughter, it turned out so well she wants it framed for her room. I don't know why I've stopped drawing as I've got older, I really enjoyed the process.

 Last weekend, a week and a half after I got out of hospital, we went to the coast because I desperately needed to get out of the house. I sat and watched while everyone else did busy seaside stuff, it was just lovely to be out and by the sea.

 I also felt like I deserved a fabric-y treat for my trauma. Yes?
Why is Xmas fabric my go - to when I'm fed up? I don't know either. Although...I also bought some Kona cotton solids and some Robert Kaufman Essex in black. It's not the way I'd like to earn a treat, I'll admit, but fabric is fabric!!

I needed some no thinking quick sew projects when I started to feel more human, and started with a mini project to hang in my sewing room. I love this Tula Pink fabric, the finished article may end up in the bathroom now I've seem it. I love triangles, but made a total mess of the binding. Poorly brain is not yet firing on all cylinders. In the meantime, I'm planning a scrappy quilt using a block called The Chinese block. Hmm. Wonder where the inspiration for that choice came from? These HST's are the start of said blocks.

May you all live in very, very normal and uneventful times.


  1. Jeez Kim, thank goodness for your husband . I knew you were in hospital but not how poorly you had been. I think you need a few more weeks off and plenty more sewing time to help your recovery xx

  2. Wow you poor thing Kim, You have my complete and utter sympathy. I suffered a similar affliction about 3 years ago, waking with a really sore throat that got worse, after a few days in bed (during which I missed my trip to the NEC:-(() I gave in a went to the Doc's who said (and I Quote!!) "Well! it's not quite Quinsy but stay in bed and take lots of fluids". If only I could have swallowed them I would have done so. I was much luckier than poor you, I do hope you are soon back firing on ALL cylinders.
    Love & a healing hug

  3. gosh that sounds terrifying. glad you are ok now xxx