Sunday, 24 February 2013

If you're interested, I'm auctioning my Bloomsbury Garden quilt for charity.

That says it all really! If you've read my blog before, you may know that we lost our beloved girl, Lola, to old age last September. Since then, I've felt a strong need to do something positive in her memory; we started off by sponsoring a kennel at Hull Animal Welfare Trust,  and I am running the Hull 10k to raise money for them in May (my sponsor page is here, if you're interested!)

We have also started to think about another dog, which is a little problematic given our current menagerie including kids, gerbils and three neurotic chickens! It's got to be right for all parties, but in my view, especially for the dog and chickens. 

Anyway, I came across a Facebook page via the Oldies website for rehoming older dogs, called Safe rescue, they bring dogs over from Romania that have, quite frankly, had the most appalling lives. I warn you, if you look at this FB page, and read the stories, prepare to shed a tear or two.  Heartbreaking. This is Fili, and his story, in their words:

Fili today, after care and treatment.

Fili has been on an amazing journey, not just in distance but in terms of his struggle to survive and to get better. He was left on the streets after being hit by a car, paralysed. It took over a year for him to get better, during which time he almost died but his determination and strength of character got him through it. When he arrived in the UK, after 2.5days of travelling, he had a very bad urine infection. He is on steroids to help ease the pain in his back legs and helps him get around. He has also had a further urine infection, caused by a gall stone. This has now been treated. Fili's vet bill is over £400 and we need help to pay for it. Please donate what you can via paypal to, or via bank transfer- please mark any donations "for FILI". Thank you. Fili still has one more journey, another adventure to start - that of his forever home, he is still waiting for a wonderful person to give him a wonderful home. Please help him. Until this vet bill is paid, Safe Rescue cannot commit to bringing any more dogs to the UK - dogs like Fili. Please help us to help them too.

So, I am hosting an auction of my Bloomsbury Garden Quilt ( lots of photo's to follow) which starts as soon as this post goes up and ends at 10pm on Friday, 1st March. At the end of the auction, I will notify the highest bidder, who will pay the bid price only (I will cover transport costs) via paypal, to : (When transferring money via paypal, list as for friends and family / gift so that Safe Rescue do not incur any costs and they get the full auction price.) Once they have confirmed receipt of the bid money, I will post the quilt straight away. This auction is also open to overseas bidders, but please be aware the auction price is in pounds stirling! Payment will be asap but definitely within 24 hours of notification of the winning bid.  Comment on here at the bottom of this page, or 'friend' me on facebook and comment on there to bid. Please bid, otherwise I will feel foolish!!

I will open bidding at £20. - current highest bid £110 on Facebook!
 Quilt in progress - made from Liberty Fabrics, Bloomsbury Gardens Line, and organic cotton wadding. Fully machine washable on cool cycle.

Measures 52"  x 70", perfect for a single bed, or as below, sideways over a double bed.

Quilted, ready to bind

Sideways on, fits a double bed.



  1. I will step in at 30 pounds (sorry ... only pound symbol on my keyboard is # ;-). Looking forward to seeing my bid, bid up quickly!!!

  2. Fifty quid! Such a fabulous cause. Thanks for highlighting this issue.

  3. Wish I could afford to bid but this is a fantastic charity. A friend of mine is waiting for her Romanian dog to arrive at her forever home in Cornwall right now.

  4. Beautiful quilt! I will bid £70 x

  5. I haven't looked at the bids on your Facebook page, but I'll say 80 pounds (which I think is $121.50 US dollars?).

  6. And I'll give £90 for the quilt.


  7. Phil that's wonderful - and you're currently the highest bidder! I don't have your contact details, so if you could go on to my profile and email me privately that would be great.

  8. whoo hoo ... look at that Kim ... you should be so proud!

  9. I bid £115. This is very inspiring, I would love to make a charity quilt for Retired Greyhound Trust, I've not given them much money recently.

    And the weird thing is from looking out of your window I think you live near my OH's parents (in Beverley?)! I no longer live in Hull, I moved southwards a few years back now.

    1. ARRGGHH Since bidding today my washing machine has decided to empty itself all over the kitchen so I'm going to have to retract my bid reluctantly :( I am so so sorry, I am hoping someone comes in with a much bigger bid for you before the end today anyway. Blimmin fate I tell you.

      If I can help in some other way drop me a line. I can still make a smaller donation just not for the quilt.