Monday, 21 January 2013

On a roll! January finishes...

This weekend I managed to complete the Valentina quilt - the fabric designs were gorgeous to work with and as soon as I saw the bold prints I knew that I wanted to frame them with a bold border.

Photo taken at my mum & dad's - their light is so much better at the moment!

I really couldn't decide when it came to the quilting, and it seemed to evolve as I did each section.  First I settled on straight lines, horizontally and vertically. The plan had been to then dissect diagonally, but as I'd been playing with free motion quilting techniques, I decided to try a central motif for each square.

 This flower motif is so easy it is a joy to do - and at just 2 minutes per motif (yes, I admit that I timed them) it's probably quicker then an all over FMQ pattern.
To quilt, I used Aurifil 50wt 2021 -fine enough that the front fabrics are not obscured by the quilting, but good enough to hold the pattern without snapping.

I do have another quilt to FMQ, but I've decided on a change of pace! We need some cushion covers for the living room sofa, and I may try some paper pieced designs. Any design suggestions welcomed!


  1. oooh, this is lovely - great choice of border colours and the quilting rocks. LOVE!

  2. how did you do those in 2 mins you follow a pattern?.....i havent fmq current machine doesnt allow....but that looks difficult.

  3. Two minutes each?? Please make / post a video so I can learn how to do this!! The quilt is beautiful, I really love the colors in that fabric. Your instinct was definitely right on how to put those together!

  4. Wow! Fantastic quilting! I love the look and ... two minutes?? .... you really are rocking that sewing machine Girl!

    I'm kinda afraid to ask this, but .... what happened to the chicken?