Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Husbands, please take note.

All of my female colleagues, and quite a lot of my friends as well now I think about it, seem to be obsessing over the 50 Shades of Grey books. Everyone seems to have been talking about them, a lot. I'd not heard of them at all up to a month or so ago, as although I do read an awful lot, it's really not my genre. Anyway, in the interest of being able to hold my own in an out for tea with the girls conversation, I bought and attempted to read the first book. Oh dear. While I approve of any reading material that brings people who do not usually read, back to reading - I just couldn't read them myself, and it wasn't about the sex either - I'm no prude! They're just really, really badly written. Nuff said on them. 

Anyway, jump forward a few weeks and you find me on etsy looking at T-shirts for my husband, and lo what do I find but a very funny shirt with a picture of a big handle bar mustache, and underneath the words  'Fabric : Must. Stash.' How cool is that?! As I'm off work this week I decided to re-interpret this message in my own fabric style.

Sorry, i'm just starting out with embroidery..
So what I really wanted to say to any husbands listening out there, is don't bother with the Shades of Grey books if you want to get our attention. Wear a T shirt with this slogan on, and we'll be putty in your hands!

Or, a T shirt with a chicken pic. But that might just be me.......


  1. I am with you on the shades of grey ....but actually will pass on the chickens too! LOL!

  2. I agree with the shades of grey. I picked up a copy read the intro and put it back on the shelf. Love the must stash


  3. One more "nay" vote on the Shades of Grey......really poorly written! Cute, cute embroidery!!

  4. Oh Kim, I couldn't agree more about that terrible book! The writing's so bad I know I could do better!!!
    I totally agree about the Must Stash too, love it :D
    (ps.I still greatly treasure the bag I bought from you so long ago :D )

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the writing in that book was so bad! I forced myself to read all of the first one but I can't bring myself to pay good money for the others. The storyline wasn't even that good, I was pretty disappointed in the ending, though I guess that's why there are 2 more. But I digress....

    I *love* this "Must. Stash." Ha! I'm sending my husband a link to this blog post ;-)