Monday, 27 August 2012

Flea Market Fancy - how late am I!

Well, second time round with the Flea Market Fancy line I actually bought fat quarters of some of the prints. I remember it the first time round - in truth I think I prefer the original colour ways, but as I was feverishly making bags rather then quilts back then, I didn't buy any of the original line. So, this time I bought it - then sat on it, which made me feel intensely guilty because I'd given in to my fabric addiction and bought fabric that I didn't have a plan for. Why the guilt you may ask ?  Well, you should see my fabric stash. One day the cupboards may explode under the strain of holding all that impulse bought fabric, and kill someone. 

Anyway, it didn't really inspire me to any particular design, (queue guilt) . Then last month I bought the book, 501 rotary -cut Quilt Blocks by Judy Hopkins, have you seen it? Fabulous. Fab - U - lous.
I've spent hours over the last few weeks, sat in the sun with graphed paper, drawing out block combinations. Colouring - in for grown ups, I'd highly recommend it!

So, in order to get rid of the guilt and fabric at the same time, I chose a block and here it is!

I quite like it now, although I think it may be destined for a friend who has just bought a motor home (called Doris - the motor home, not my friend.) You can't have a motor home without a quilt.

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  1. It's very pretty and there is nothing wrong with having a stash of any kind... I really must try and get the quilt I've been doing finished. I think it will be nearly 4 years now it's been sitting there half done.