Monday, 25 June 2012

Wait - what happened to June?

Firstly, I need to report a serious theft. Someone appears to have stolen most of June!
Seriously, I started to feel a little panicked this weekend- the month has been filled with frenetic activity and lots of wonderful things have happened - but it has taken a toll on my sewing time. Part of me has been looking forward to the darker months when life becomes more, indoor.  
Who am I kidding, have you seen the British weather recently?!
Today I managed to finish my daughters quilt - or the guilt quilt, as it has become known (in my head). My daughter is the most amazingly selfless seven year old, and has watched me sewing quilts since that first Christmas themed quilt (strangely, at Christmas) and hasn't once asked me to make anything for her. She has oooh and aaaahhed, called them beautiful, told me how much she is looking forward to being able to make quilts when she gets older, sat and talked to me while I worked - but no pressure to make anything for her. So, I decided at the beginning of this month that my very next quilt would be for her. Then life took over and it seemed to take forever...................
I am happy to report that she is currently fast asleep under said quilt. She even fell over in the playground at lunch, and came home to be wrapped up in it on the sofa after school. So, goodbye guilt (for now!)
 I am now trying to think through my next project, whilst waiting for the release of Painted Summer by Lida Enche for In the Beginning Fabrics. Have you seen her previous line, September Light? Wow. I've decided recently that a reasonable yard stick of maturity is when you get that shopping adrenalin rush about fabric. Not shoes, but yardage. That's exactly how I felt about September Light (I bought half a yard of everything) and how I felt when I looked at her next line, Painted Summer.
Seriously though, how stunning is this?

I still can't decide whether I'm going to stick to a specific colourway, or just buy a yard of each fabric in the line and hide the credit card bill for a couple of months. (Andy, I'm kidding!)

Right, time to get back to the to - do list. Apologies Kat for not replying to your email yet - you are also on my list as a priority!


  1. I love your daughter's quilt! Such a great design :-D

  2. Agree with you on September Light - fell in love with the colors and bought tons. I'd like to make something with it before the new line comes out, but that probably won't happen.

  3. And now it's me who needs to apologize, for not replying to YOUR email! I was sick all last week and looking at a computer screen was pretty much the last thing I was capable of. (As was running, cooking and standing upright.) Soon, though, I promise! :-)

    I *love* that quilt you made for your daughter! The colors pop so nicely on the white and your FMQ looks fantabulous! (yes, a real word) Maybe I'll bring my machine to your hotel when you are in Florida, and you can teach me how to do that!! :-)

  4. Not suprised your daughter feels comforted by her quilt it is just beautiful
    Cheers Pauline