Friday, 8 June 2012

Late to the party, as per usual.

Before I mention fabricy stuff, I have to say that (in the pouring rain) I completed my first 10k race on Sunday. I have a medal! It was an amazing experience and I am hooked - I ran this for charity but am thinking of doing the York 10k in August just for the hell of it. Crazy lady.
Anyway, moving on (and wearing the aforementioned medal) ..
When I started quilting at Christmas, I wanted this blog to be primarily a record for myself, of my learning curve. I didn't foresee that I would become dangerously addicted to other people's quilting blogs, and that I would be overwhelmed with must do projects as a result. I can't even remember how I came across Elizabeth Dackson's  Don't call me Betsy 

blog and the Kaleidoscope quilt along which happened last year at this time, but undeterred that everyone else in the quilting community had done it and finished months ago, I decided that this was my next project.  I have to say, that for a slap dash stitcher like me, this quilt is great. Because  the pieces of each block are cut on the bias, it means they stretch. This could be a bad thing, but for me it means it's easy to get the row to line up when you're sewing them together. I'm sure my approach to the whole shebang would make serious quilters spin in their sewing chairs, but I am ALL for an easy life and a good result!

For the wadding this time I used Hobbs Heirloom cotton batting and I'm in two minds about it. The air was blue when I saw how much cotton lint had gathered inside my machine by mid -quilt, and at that point I decided I wasn't going to use it again. (Add your own colourful language to the previous cleaned up statement.) However....... I have to admit, (and this could be because my quilting isn't as tight on this project) the overall feel of the finished quilt is softer. So I am as yet undecided.

I love the fact that I now seem to be accruing a pile of quilts in my living room, I think it must feed my nesting instinct. If the next ice age genuinely is just around the corner, as my 11 year old son keeps informing me with a generous dollop of glee, we'll be handing them out round the neighbourhood. I could barter with them........
Right, despite - or more likely because of the rain, I am off  to pull out my Florida guidebooks and start making a must see and do list. I'm faintly disappointed that non of the guide books we've bought so far have lists of fabric shops, what a spectacular oversight on their part!


  1. Beautiful quilt! I LOVE Soul Blossoms!

  2. Congratulations on the 10k!!! As a (wanna be) runner, I know how hard that is! I think I've only done that distance 3 times... though once was at 3am through the Florida Keys, with a full moon shining down on the ocean water. Glorious! If I could run in that setting every day, I'd do 10k or 20k or 50k! (ok, probably not...)

    Are you planning to visit Florida? I have called South Florida home for 11 years. I live on the east coast, half way between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Let me know if you'll be in this area at all. Not many quilt shops where I am, but I'd sure like to help you find some :-)

    I can't forget the quilt! Beautiful! I love your descriptions and your "techniques." We may be twins in that regard. (Hey, whatever works, right??) Of course, now I have to go find that pattern and end it to my (endless) project wish list :-).

    Have a great day!

  3. It's a gorgeous quilt!!!
    Well done on the race!

  4. gorgeous! I was thinking of making one of those, but got a bit sidetracked with five million other things (as always!)