Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year - 1st proper project.

 In truth, this quilt was started over Christmas, but has really only come to life in the last week. After my first project I'd looked around the internet and in some of my quilting books for inspiration, and this quilt is an amalgamation of a couple I'd seen. Firstly, I wanted to do a stash busting quilt, and by far I have more blues and greens then anything else. I'd seen these shaped blocks sewn on to muslin backing, but  since I didn't have a pattern and was making it up as I went along, and frankly because I'm lazy, I decided to just sew the strips and see what happened. Somewhere around block 46/7 I started to hear that little voice that seems to  originates from somewhere between my head and the sewing machine, that whispers - this is going to be rubbish! So, mildly panicked, I and my daughter set out the rough blocks on the living room floor and watched the pattern develop. I felt pleased with it - smug if truth be told - and I had to remind myself that soooo much can go wrong between here and the
finished article. Like getting it all to line up for starters - something I'm really not confident about! Hopefully when I get started on that part later today there will be more yay moments then wailing and gnashing of teeth. We'll see.....


  1. That looks great!!! And if it doesn't line up precisely you won't notice once it's quilted, washed and in use (I promise!)
    Ps - the swoon quilt is sooooo do-able for you. There are flying geese and half square triangles and that's about it. Plus if you only manage a single block and give up you've got a gorgeous cushion!

  2. love your string quilt! Beautiful use of your stash of blues and greens