Friday, 13 January 2012

The top, feral chickens, and other unlikely stories.

 The top is finished, huzzah, and I am not so secretly pleased with how it has turned out! For my second ever quilt, and with only a vague pattern in my head, there was so much I was expecting to go wrong. I was expecting wonky. I was expecting it not to line up. I took it very slowly, enjoyed each step and wasn't in any particular hurry to get to the finish line. Which was a good job really, because over the last few days I have been watched, chased, shouted at and occasionally, hunted. Every time I sat at my sewing machine, these two mucky miscreants would spy me through the patio doors, hop over the fence designed to keep them IN their run, and bolt for the patio doors. I put them back. They got out again. *Sigh* Violet, not pictured here, is in hard moult and has been huddling in the run with a faint air of embarrassment - she has a decidedly bald bum as we speak. I'm trying to decide if they're just hunting me down for food (likely) or are angling for a quilt for inside their chicken house (not so likely.)
Anyway, now for the back of the quilt - I have no idea how patterned or plain to make it, so will have to wing it again. Hopefully unaided by rampant chickens.
Talullah and Ruby, neck and neck.

Obviously, having thighs like a Russian shot putter has its advantages, even if you are a chicken.

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