Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year's to do list:

 For those that know me, it will come as no surprise to see that I am sewing feverishly again. I simply have to craft, for my sanity - and possibly that of my husband. Several years ago, I made bags at Christmas for the ladies in my life, very simple totes, little skill involved - but this kick started an obsessive bag making frenzy. Coming out of my ears type stuff. Frankly everyone I know was now sick of getting bags as gifts from me - and I wanted another challenge, something with more longevity, a craft that will go the distance. So, before Christmas, I decided to make a patchwork quilt, lap sized, for my children. Something they could snuggle under on the couch, I liked the thought of them being warm and comforted by it. I bought a  great pattern from Sweetjane on Etsy which I thought would be a good starting point, some Riley Blake fat quarters, and set to. What I found was that this is sewing, Jim, but a whole different set of skills to those I had developed while making bags. It was difficult, and I made mistakes!

The sections don't line up, the quilting is wonky and frankly a total pain to master on my machine - but I love a challenge! So, for 2012 this is my challenge myself to do list:
Learn to piece accurately.
Learn to quilt and free motion quilt on my little machine.
Make better quilts!
There are so many immensely talented quilters out there, looking at blogs and reading other peoples experiences has been exciting, and a great inspiration. And like crafters in general, it is a supportive community that I am looking forward to being part of. Let the journey begin!

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