Sunday, 31 March 2013

Guess the weight and win my Valentina quilt, all proceeds to Safe Rescue!

Draw date: 30th April 2013.

 If you've read my older posts, you will know that we have just adopted a beautiful little girl dog from Romania, called Jeni. She is timid and submissive, and given her past life, has a lot of fear - but she is oh, the most loving dog - she desperately wants to let go of the things that scare her and live a normal life - the things English dogs quite frankly take for granted. We're working with her, giving her love and space in equal measures, and we know she will get there in the end. But you know what, Jeni's journey to the UK could not have happened without the amazingly selfless volunteer network that make up Safe Rescue. She is so submissive, I have no doubt that she would have died in that public shelter in Romania. So, for all those dogs out there that need a helping hand, I am trying to raise money for Safe Rescue in order that they carry on their vital work.

So, I know a guess the weight competition is a touch old school - but after all that, don't you think it's for a good cause?!

Okay, so here are the rules:

* Have as many tries as you like! Each guess will cost £2 for Safe Rescue (payment method listed below)

* Guess the weight in grams. If one person guesses correctly, they will win the quilt outright and I will post it off to them. If more then one person guesses correctly, all correct guesses will be entered in to a draw. If no one guesses correctly, the closest guesses to within 100g will be entered in to a draw.

* To register your guess, you can either: pay your money and then either leave a comment below on my blog, or if you are on Facebook, go to this page and leave your guess there:

                                        Facebook Page for Guess the Weight of the Valentina Quilt!    

From the back you can see the chrysanthemum motifs quilted on to each square.
* To donate money to Safe Rescue in return for your guess, these should be made payable via PayPal to:
Please select the  'friends and family' option or 'personal payment' and then 'gift' so that Safe Rescue don't incur any charges. In the notes box write 'Quilt' - and if your email address differs from your Facebook or blogger name, pop your  name in the notes box as well so I can link your donation to your guess (es)

It's not as complicated as it sounds, honestly - and look at the fabric in this quit! Valentina Ramos is one talented lady.

Ready for some clues to turn your wild guess into an educated one?!

 This quilt measures 58" x 74".

 The inner wadding is 'Soft and Bright' twin wadding.

To piece and quilt this quilt, I used one and a half spools of Aurifil 50wt colour 2021.

Just because I'm kind - I can also tell you that this quilt weighs more than 600g, but less than 1500g!

Close up of the flower motif.
 So what are you waiting for!! Guess away - I will cover the cost of shipping and of course this competition is open internationally.

If you're not after a quilt, but have a present to buy for someone - why not combine a donation and gain a gift at the same time! See the Safe Rescue tab in the top bar for items I have made and which I'm offering in return for a donation to Safe Rescue. Double win!!

Lastly, are you in the UK? Safe Rescue are always desperate for fund raisers, Fosterers and Adopters - the more dogs that can be placed in a foster home or adopted, the more dogs that can be saved. It's as simple as that. If you think you can foster or adopt, I'd strongly encourage you to get in touch with the coordinators at Safe Rescue - they won't push you in to anything and it costs nothing to have a chat. We started out as Jeni's foster home - but that quickly changed when we fell in love with her! Their website and facebook page (which is always very active and well worth a look) is here:
Apart from anything else, go and see the stunningly handsome Nasote, the two nosed - dog with amazing ice blue eyes. He's just arrived and is looking for a family to call his own. And yes, he does have two noses, and yes, this is an actual phenomenon in some dogs - go google it!


  1. Right I donated a tenner - so here are my guesses:


    Fingers firmly crossed this is a lovely quilt!

  2. I guess 1010g, just paypalled from

  3. Better late than never, I have just PayPal'd $25 USD (which I think equates to 16.4 British pounds sterling, if my currency converter is correct??) to Safe Rescue. I will not be making any guesses on the weight because (1) I don't have a clue how to convert MY version of "pounds" (the weight kind, not the money kind) to grams and I maxed out my Google-ing for the day trying to figure out how many pounds sterling was in $25 USD..... and (2) I don't want you to spend more in shipping the quilt to me than I even donated, should I win. Gorgeous quilt, though, whoever wins it will be very happy!!

  4. Whoops.... I realized I forgot to write "quilt" in the subject box when I sent the donation.... I am not a good direction follower... but hopefully it doesn't matter, since I'm not entering the drawing to begin with :-).