Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Chinese blocks quilt, tick.

The Chinese Block quilt is finally finished! I feel like I've symbolically cleansed the curse with this one - next quilt I may go for an economy block, or something even less dramatic :)

I really, really enjoyed the process with this one, and it  has shown me that although it is nice to have fabrics from the same line to construct a quilt, the outcome can be as good, or even better, if you use whatever you have in your stash and stick to a single, bold block or design.
*Hate* that carpet. Don't look!!
I went to my quilting bible for this one, Judy Hopkins' book 501 Rotary-cut quilt blocks.
My husband always laughs at me when he finds me pouring feverishly through this book, only a quilter could get excited about a book with that title!! Someday, I will have tried EVERY SINGLE BLOCK. Sigh.

When all the blocks were finished and I started playing with the layout, I realised that rather than having the blocks square, I really liked them on point. Although with hindsight, that caused all sorts of stretchy nightmares when it came to quilting, which I will definitely  keep in mind in future. At least the take-away swear box is full again!

The backing is brushed cotton again, I am SUCH a convert. It adds wonderful weight and will be so much warmer in winter - it feels snuggly. Like a quilt should be!!

Next quilt, I'm playing with Christmas fabrics.. *ducks* I'll get on with the layout now. At least I'm not listening to Christmas songs. I can't stop listening to this, though. It's very Yorkshire :) Jamie T – Zombie.
What are you guys listening to?


  1. kim, that is amazing, i love it.......really socks it to you! not quite sure what you mean about the brushed cotton....like flannel? as to what im listening to as i sew....wolf hall on audio book....i will finish it ha x

  2. Oh my goodness, this is a beautiful quilt!