Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's not you, it's me......

That, is exactly how I feel about my current quilt. A little bit meh. I SHOULD  love it, I love the fabrics and couldn't wait to put them together, it's  just that I'm not feeling the whole of it now I've started to construct it. Also I'm stuck as to how to finish it - it is currently 42" square, and I don't know whether to put another star around the outside which would take it to about 78" square, only extend the star on two sides so it a rectangle, or just put a border on it. It's so much more difficult to construct a quilt top when you're not totally in love with it.
Plus, yet again, I thought this one up in my head - and didn't think it through. I may try a pattern next....

It's taken me ages to start this post, mainly because the weather has been so bad here in the UK that it's been too dull to take decent photographs. In the end I've just bit the bullet and hoped that they don't look too muddy! Fingers crossed the weather will improve for Thursday - it is my 40th birthday and my husband it taking me to York for the day. I'm going to drag him round the quilt museum, what a lucky boy he is! As coined by a colleague at work, I prefer to think of myself not as 40, but 20 with 20 years experience.

And finally......

I have actually been sewing & quilting. I finished this but couldn't get a decent shot. I think it's my biggest quilt to date and had to unpick the quilting twice in small sections as the backing kept getting caught up. It's all part of the learning curve!


  1. I think your star quilt looks wonderful and good for you for making it up in your head. I find if I get stuck it some times helps to put the project aside for a week or two.

  2. I really like your star....then I "biggie sized" the photo and now I love it! Your fabrics are just beautiful. I hope you find a way to finish it off that pleases you. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the quilt on the bed. Wonderful fabrics and that border fabric is divine!! Great job. mdmontalvo@yahoo.com

  3. HI Kim! I have been trying to post comments on your blog with Firefox and its not working - so I will try with Safari. Fingers Crossed!

    I just looove the quilt you made with my fabric (I also think that the other ones you made are beautiful, too). The way that you framed the rich tones of the fabric with white is so crisp and beautiful.

    Keep up the lovely work and I hope your finger feels better soon. OUCH!

  4. Hi Kim, love the quilt with the squares set on point! I have some squares that would look great like this, could you share the measurements of the squares and the white strips in between, not sure of the way it all goes together. Great post.