Monday, 19 March 2012

There just isn't enough time in the day.

Where oh where does the time go? I do know the answer to this question, actually: it goes on work, school run, homework, housework, training for a 10k race in June, sorting the chickens out, the greenhouse and allotment......

Everything it seems, except sewing at the moment. No, that's a fib - I have been sewing - a top secret and now very late birthday quilt for my mum, which I've not photographed or blogged because, well, it's top secret. I'd had an idea for a quilt design for her a while ago - turns out my 3am ideas are more complicated in reality then they are when I am comfortably in bed. I'm hoping (desperately) that it is going to turn out well, I'm still waiting for some fabric to arrive - I'll blog it after I've given it to her!

Yesterday was Mothers' Day here in the UK and my lot spoiled me rotten. (Thank goodness, as my husband and I had been at Sheffield o2 Academy the night before to see a couple of bands and I woke up with a teeny tiny hangover!) He took over all my usual weekend duties for the day, and I gardened and sewed.  So, my granny squares quilt is almost finished! I've just got to sew on the binding, which I am planning on doing at some point TODAY. After I've cleaned out the chickens, changed the bedding, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, made the bread for the week.....................

Quilting finished, now to bind!

I've been waiting to use this fabric for ages!


  1. Your granny quilt is beautiful! One of the few that I've seen finished. I better get back to work on mine!

  2. It's gorgeous !
    How did you quilted it ?