Sunday, 19 February 2012

This one reminds me of the beach. Or possibly a deck chair. Or something!

Starting with this....

Completed top.
 Well, this one has taken me a touch longer then I anticipated, mainly because I have increased my hours at work, and boy it's a stuggle to stay awake when I get home. I'm hoping it's that and not my age. Anyway, tired or not  I see it as extra fabric money, although I suspect my husband may see it differently!

I saw some of these fabrics on sale at Fabric Shack, which is where I buy the bulk of my fabric from and have done so for many years. I don't know why, but the colours made me think of the sea side -maybe it is deck chairs, or brightly coloured beach huts? Anyway, I didn't have a pattern in mind, but wanted to put them together, so  in a vague and undecided wayset out to give half square triangles a go.

(Clearly, I'm dedicated to the art of planning and organisation.)

Anyone else have space issues?!
I can see a pattern emerging here - because again, without clear destination in mind, I started making squares and then chickened out. So, with them piled up on my desk, I briefly played with a layout and them started assembling a top.

Apart from the colour combo my main desire was to add the rich red dot as a border and the red and ivory stripe as binding. Is it only me that gets giddy over fabric? 

Again I free motion quilted this one and although I'm only doing a free form stipple design rather then anything complex and precise, it seemed faster and easier this time and in my very humble opinion, looks quite spiffing! 

I've decided, now this one is under my metaphorical belt, to try and attempt something with a plan - a pattern, next. Rather then winging it.  So I think, probably, maybe - that I will do the Granny Square Quilt Along over at Old Red Barn co. 

Is anyone else doing a quilt along that they feel is worth a go?

The front!
The back. Thank you, glamorous assistant.


  1. This is a great quilt! The red aqua combo is always so nice and fresh looking. Way to go on another finish!

  2. Lovely quilt Kim, I like the way you have edged it too. Lesley x